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Air transportation

The need for speed in freight has doubled the importance of air freight. Our relationship with various and reputable airlines in the world has made it possible for you to move your goods to all parts of the world. Also, the history and experience of years of activity and providing services in the air transportation has helped us to be a good companion in the way of companies achieving the desired goals in the field of this type of transportation services.

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Land transportation

From the distant and early years of human life, there have always been different types and methods of moving items needed in daily life as well as economic needs through land, and it can be claimed that the most common method of transportation from the past to now is land transportation. The possibility of loading goods from the factory door, proper speed in transportation and the possibility of unloading in the desired place, are the benefits of this type of transportation.

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Sea Transportation

Along with the constant intimacy between humans and the sea, the development of the maritime transport industry in providing transportation services at a more appropriate speed, as well as the economic efficiency of transporting goods, has increased the acceptance of maritime transport. Also, with the support of our experienced staff, we can boldly claim that we will have sea transport and all kinds of maritime activities for you, whether as a consultant or as a service provider.

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The experienced staff

The experienced staff of Kiyan Tarabar Hafez Company are supporting you in all stages of work.

Rely on experience

Relying on our years of experience in the field of transportation, we are with you .


Our consultants will be supporting you to get the most out of your activities.

Support and accountability

The company's support is 24/7 with you .

Complementary service

Complementary services and export & import activities are another part of our Services.

Informational updates

We provide you the latest information in shipping field.

All shipping services

Kiyan Tarabar Hafez Company, in the form of a set of various departments and services, is responsible for all your needs from the consultation stage of choosing the shipping method to scheduling, necessary coordination, shipping to delivery and all necessary administrative services. All of the stages will have done by our experienced staff.

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